If you need help or there are errors in the application please contact us at If you have any questions about a specific documents, please contact the institution that forwarded the documents.

The portal forwards procedural documents directly to the addressee, so that the recipient can access them in time to exercise and defend their rights. For example, such documents could be certain types of court orders that also contain deadlines. If you have been directed to the Delivery Portal, then documents have been made available for delivery by the state system(s) connected to the delivery portal. To continue using the e-state services, you need to accept the documents sent to you.

Sender may set the time limit for accepting the document. If the time limit has passed or the document is set to be recieved immediately, then you will not be able to continue in the desired e-service until you have accepted the overdue documents.

If you were directed to the Document Delivery Portal through the e-service, you can continue using the intended environment once you accept the documents with passed time limit. If you have been sent documents whose acceptance time limit has not yet arrived, it is possible to use the desired e-service without accepting the document.

On opening or downloading the document you confirm the receival of the document. A term of proceeding may result with it.

After receiving the documents, you will no longer be redirected to the Document delivery portal from Estonian state systems. In order to see previously received deliveries, you can enter the Document Delivery Portal through the following web address:

Already archived documents are available in the environment through which the documents were forwarded from

If you have any questions, please contact the institution that forwarded the documents. You can find the e-mail address and a link to the institution’s web environment by clicking on the additional information icon in the pending or received documents table.